Quality you can hear

Urbanpods feature high quality transducers that produce rich and detailed sound to please even the most demanding of music lovers.

All Day Battery

Enjoy up to 3 hours of straight listening, uninterrupted.

Wireless Charging

Simply set them on a wireless pad and let them charge up.

High Quality

High quality transducers produce the clearest sound.

Quick Connection

They connect with iPhone & Android devices seamlessly.

Lasting Case

All day use, case battery lasts 3-5 charge cycles.


The most affordable, high-quality pods to date.


Are Urbanpods made by Apple?

Urbanpods are not affiliated with Apple.

Return, Cancelation & Refund Policy?

On the bottom of this page you will see a link 'Refund Policy' where all this is of this is explained.

How do I track my order?

Once you place an order for Urbanpods you will receive an email with your order number. This can then be tracked on our 'Track Order' page. Please note it will take 1-2 days for the tracking number to update.

How long does shipping take?

After you have received your tracking information, it takes approximately on average 20-30 business days for it get to you depending on your location (subject to custom delays). US 20 - 30 Days. UK 20-30 Days.

What happens if you do not get your package?

Please contact us, this is very important to us! Our goal is to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied. If you do not get your package, we will open an investigation with our Shipping Carriers as to why you have not received that package. You can contact us via the contact page or email support@shopurbanpods.co.uk

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