The original Urbanpods
30-Day Guarantee | 1-Year Warranty
Color: Matte Black

Quality you can hear

Urbanpods deliver an unparalleled wireless headphone experience. Simply take them out and they’re ready to use with all your devices. Put them in your ears and they connect immediately, immersing you in rich, high-quality sound. Just like magic.

All Day Battery

Enjoy up to 3 hours of listening, uninterrupted.

High Quality

High quality transducers produce the clearest sound with deep and rich bass.

Quick Connection

Urbanpods connect with iPhone & Android devices seamlessly.

Wireless Charging

Simply set them on our wireless pad and let them charge up.

Lasting Case

All day use. Case battery lasts 3 to 5 charge cycles.


The most affordable, high-quality pods to date.

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20,000+ Reviews

Find out why our customers love Urbanpods, and why you will too.

A star A star A star A star A star
Kieran H.


More than happy with the headphones they look and sound excellent. Can’t get over the price either, best budget wireless headphones in my opinion.

A star A star A star A star A star
Jane B.

So Impressed

Second time I’ve ordered from Urbanpods and no problems either time. Items delivered promptly.

A star A star A star A star A star
Rachel N.

I can honestly give 5 stars

I can honestly give 5 stars. Products are built with decent quality and customer service is responding quickly.

A star A star A star A star A star
Adam M.

Great deal

They’re good quality, multi functionality and easy to use. I like their design a lot and it’s a great deal for under $100

A star A star A star A star A star
Robin R.

My son loves them

He loves the fit and he hasn’t lost them yet. I think the color of them makes them easy to locate and also, no one else can claim them as their own. They’re great.